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ClickOneIndia is India’s leading Local Search Engine, offering local services and search-related resources to users across the country through digital platforms. We focus our offerings on specialist services that are centralized around Home, Community, and Workspace.

We differentiate the customer’s needs and customize them according to their preferences. The platform strives to analyze and recognize the user’s need in-depth and determines it to validate service professionals using technologies and business knowledge.

Our Goals

We agree that inclusion facilitates the exploration of fresh possibilities and brings to light existing challenges which require alternatives. Every month, millions of people visit our website to get the inside scoop on local businesses. So please continue to share your positive feedback. Those who would like to have globalized exposure to opportunity so that individuals and businesses from various backgrounds can drive creativity towards a sustainable world.

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How It Works?

Our strategy is to create local business data that is accurate, relevant, and widely disseminated in order to have a significant impact on the online search engine results, culminating in Web traffic and sales. Given the importance of this key component of local search, it is critical to ensure that your rating on the best marketing channels is accurate, complete, and easily available.

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The procedure is important, with guides and choices such as completing it effectively. Begin creating, declaring, and checking your account today as you can make the most of this with amazing and free resources.

Promote Listing

It is easy to promote or sell your services. We provide some of the simplest and most powerful methods for promoting your company website.

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When your company is available online, search engines recognize the authenticity of your business records and the probability of listing on top for local searches in your location increase.

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Our team has experience in knowing your market and target demographic. We can tailor a strategy to maximize traffic to your website by online listings in order to grow your business.

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Why Choose Us?

We provide you with a unified interface for sharing your listing across the industry’s leading network of local search site networks. Our trademarked continuous refinement method involves data analysis, validation, regularisation, and structural visualization. Clickoneindia.com provides driving directions, feedbacks, ratings, phone numbers, addresses, and other relevant details of all the services. Search and find local business and service directories in your area in an outright and trusted manner.

Our Local search technologies allow local shoppers to find the right service providers, vendors, restaurants, and manufacturers they need to be situated across the county. Flexibility in our service includes the ability to adjust search results, save business profiles, and contact details while localizing web databases with information on businesses and services.

Provide Free Listings

The number of free listings varies depending on the data criteria. Every day, millions of users undertake shopping-related inquiries. We will show your product offerings through various search engines when you take part in free product listings.

Best Ad Ratings

We have more useful guidance to buyers than traditional consulting firms. Our goal is to be a trustworthy platform for every person on the planet to achieve their potential by making smarter future technologies in real-time.

Provide Post Features

We look forward to an innovative resource in our local search engine which is effective with our customers’ features. Try our post features because they have such a minimal hurdle and a strong probability for engaging the business.

See your Ad Progress

Inside each campaign, keep an eye on and evaluate multiple forms of your ad creativity. Improve your ads to boost results when you discover which iterations of your ads work well in your main metrics.

User Friendly

Local market listings and niche directories are simple ways to keep the company in front of as many prospective buyers as reasonably practicable. Our user-friendly interface allows you to enter some simple information such as your company name and location so that buyers can see it when they look for the services and businesses.

24/7 Support

It could sound like a huge challenge to scale our team to help you all around the clock. Fortunately, we are committed to providing customer care support with 24/7 assistance in no time.

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ClickOneIndia Adaptability for Buyer and Seller

Find a seller quickly because discovering a Service provider or a Vendor will require more than just reviews. We have social recommendations, user reviews, and tools that facilitate you to communicate with actual marketers. Everyone wants a good deal, and our merchants are glad to supply you with one. In fact, we make it easy by sending you the deal updates from your favorite service providers.

For sellers, the coverage on the internet is excellent. It translates to more sales, revenue, and higher earnings. We provide you with most of what your priority to communicate with service-seeking customers in your suburbs. We will help you establish a web profile to increase your visibility in search engines.

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